Don’t listen its a trap

All i know is its a good thing to not listen to not listen to people sometimes. The reason being people will sometimes tell you things with hope you never get better then them, with hope you dont break their personal record.

I’ve been told a couple of times that i wont make it, who do i think i am to even imagine such a thing but the truth is the crap people try feed you should fuel up your passions and drive for success. We should try our best to not let it make us questions our being, our mere existence and more especially our capabilities, because really we are capable of way more than the world thinks we are.


It won’t happen if its not yet your time

I remember last year, when i couldn’t go on with my studies because well because of various reasons that would take a day and half to explain. But I’m writing this because ever since i missed out on that year, it made me realise the importance of timing. If I’d studied last year i couldn’t have met the people i did this year, i couldn’t have discovered the parts of me that only unfolded this year and i couldn’t have done many of the things this year has brought for me.

My point is timing is important, your life is not standing still, life is still working out the perfect direction for you to pursue. You are not moving backwards but life sees that the progress you were making was all in the wrong direction from your purpose and destiny.

Pay attention to timing and wait for your time cause it will come and you’ll be rewarded for waiting and appreciating life as a whole.


These sunrises, they keep me woke

Photo creds:sandile

I remember having this conversation with a few friends, sunrises to me they mean a whole of things.

Firstly they exhort waking up every morning. imagine if we just had a normal day and the next day the sun doesn’t rise, do you think people would actually wake up that morning to go on with their daily lives? Do you think people would actually have hope for a better tomorrow, because i just think that there would be so much hopelessness people would think the world is ending. The funny thing is the same people who’d think the world is ending and its game over for their lives, the first thing they’ll want to do is to do everything they have always wanted l, but my question is what has been stopping them? People are just letting the fear of the unknown blurred up their visions for this life.

Secondly picking yourself up and being victorious against your failures. If the sun can rise after falling(setting) so many times, what’s stopping you from simply taking your weaknesses to gym and transforming them to your streghths? Everything in this life undergoes metamorphosis simply.

Lastly they signify the immortality of our dreams. If you think you can then you will, our mentality is the only thing that can make us a success or failure. If the sun didn’t think its light would reach earth then maybe it wouldn’t have.


its more than what you told me

This is just regular grass but every time i look at grass i get reminded of the lously used saying “I’ll go with the flow, I’ll go where the wind blows”
I’ve heard so many people use this saying me included, i remember seeing grass getting blown by the wind from all directions. This got me thinking and trying to make sense of this saying, like really the wind wont get you anywhere. The truth is you’ll be tired like someone who’s climbed mount everest where’s you’ve just climbed out a mole hole.


I once made love to these words, but we broke up

To my dear readers and more especially my dear friends who have been nothing but supportive, when i embarked on this writing journey and the journey of me discovering my purpose.

Lately i haven’t been able to write, not even a scrible of a few words. One would swear the writer in me has choked, all her words have been driving her insane. If there was a mental institution for what im currently going through,

I’d go there they’ll awaken the writer in me, remind her of how much this body still needs her,

remind her how much her words keep this heart beating,

Let her see what her absence has done, she’s left this body full of nothing but gullies where waterfalls of wise words once flowed.

I hope the writer in me comes back in my dreams cause this body is left with nothing but fantasies of tingles she once left in her tongue.

She’s left me with nothing but a void no one and nothing can fill, left me all alone i asked the stars to guide me home, they spelled out her name. How cruel can life be.



The people I’ve been exposed to throughout my life, some have either been ungrateful and ignorant only a few truly appreciated the blessing of a fully abled body and just being alive.

We live among people who are unable to use a certain part of their body ‘properly’, can either be mental or physical. In my opinion physical disability is not really a disability, it is rather an ability to be different in a world where people are merely reflections of each other.

It is common that handicapped people are the ones with the most drive for success and defying odds. I’ve seen people who don’t see their condition as a barrier for a success of their dreams and goals for life. Take the man in the photograph, he’s a really talented artist who did not see the fact he doesn’t have hands stop him from doing what he is passionate about.

This had me thinking about the ‘fully-abled’ people, whom which the majority is so blinded by wanting to be perfect that they lack ambition to succeed. Doesn’t this say that some ‘fully-abled’ people are actually the disabled ones because they posses ignorance and ungratefullness and the handicapped individuals are the abled ones.


The mighty roads

Photograph Edited by mpume_lelo

These roads can tell stories if only you’d listen hard enough, you’d hear the cries for help of the people who fell before us. The cries of the people whose lives slipped into the shadows of the night. The cries of the people who hoped the moon would guide their souls home but to the heavens they went.

Every time i look at these roads, i see the footprints. Footprints of blood they tell me where death is headed, The same direction my eyes were yearning for…




I embrace the beauty that no so many words could justifiably define,

Yet too many defy.

Those words cut too deep but not deep enough to bury this beauty, which blinds my eyes.

Their frosty words pierce, they pierce my skin deeper than these scars have. There’s no beauty in the footprints of these artificial scars.

My eyes will only see the beauty of the scars mother nature left me.

I am in God’s image, these scars are mysterious beauty not so many eyes care to explore.

In my hips i carry an army, there resides lightning,

roots for growth. For i am growing into a women. A phenomenal women proud of her scars.

Women with stretch marks you’re nothing but a Goddess. You snatched lighting off the sky and branded your hips how powerful is that. Till this day the sky weeps in fear..


Not every plant can grow under a tree.

Photograph by luthando shembe

We live in a world where we surrounded by all different kinds of people, some have good energy for our souls but some just don’t . Not everyone has the confidence to straight up tell people to keep their bad energy and opinions to themselves. This is all because the same people we find ourselves pushing away are the same ones we fear we might need tomorrow. The question is, what do we do if the people surrounding us hinder our growth? What do we do if they are boxing our capabilities?

The photograph insert provided through the courtesy of luthando shembe , it physically shows that not every plant can grow under a tree. As seen in the photograph one of these trees has more grass and weeds growing underneath while the other has a higher density. Taking this to life the grass and weeds growing underneath represents us with each grass being a different aspect of our success along the journey of life. Our circle of friends and basically the people from our surroundings being represented by the tree itself, with its branches stretched out. These branches and leaves either let the sun through, so it reaches the grass or do not at all. The sun is an essential factor in the lives of plants, to us it would represent our success. Taking this to life, the people we live amongst have a far greater influence over how our lives turn out than we care to admit. They can either let us flourish or we wither in their presence.



Humans undergo metamorphosis too


Whatever it is you’re going through trust me its not forever, nothing is cast on stone. Even the stones themselves are broken by life, they crumble into mere soils that grow plants.

The quote in reference serves as proof that we have to break, the breaking and the moulding back allows us to grow. Take corrugated iron sheets they expand when its hot and contract in the cold, this same process allows it to become stronger than it was before. The same goes for life’s hardships they’ll break you but when picking yourself up you’ll grow into a stronger person then you were at the beginning.

The seeds of a eudicot plant during germination it breaks into two halves in order to grow into a mature plantAllow yourself to break and heal the time you get moulded back you’ll grow. You won’t be the same but you’ll be a better version of yourself. Its a cycle, it’s all part of life.


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